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Buying or Selling a House? Work with Steve Lefave of Samson Properties

Steve's Been One of the Top Real Estate Agents in the Northern Virginia Area Since 2003

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When you work with Samson Properties realtors, you automatically know you're working with an extremely knowledgeable local real estate agent who is surrounded by a talented team of real estate professionals who create an empowering and supportive atmosphere for their clients to meet their selling goals and/or get a good deal on the home of their dreams.

But when you work with an Associate Broker of Samson Properties like Steve Lefave of Chantilly VA, you're getting even more: You're working with a true full-service real estate agent with whom clients enjoy working . . . an accomplished professional with a passion for Chantilly real estate and a deep knowledge of the industry . . . a great broker who can answer questions honestly and forthrightly, and will always work hard to get the best possible outcome for his clients.

The purchase or sale of a piece of real estate means a lot more than just a legal transfer of property. It means a new home for a relocating family, a dream realized for a young couple, or the next stage of life for senior retirees.

Steve Lefave, Associate Broker with Samson Properties in Chantilly, Virginia, understands your situation and takes pride in helping YOU meet your buying and selling goals.

Putting Your Chantilly VA House on the Market?

Count on Steve for Aggressive Marketing Support to Generate More Interest

To sell a house so that the owner makes the most they can takes a lot more than hanging up a For Sale sign.

The goal of the seller's agent is to receive as many buyer contracts as possible. That way, the seller can choose the best offer from among a panoply of offers, or even select multiple offers to compete in a bid-off.

But an agent really needs to work hard to generate that kind of interest - and that's where the amazing marketing support of Steve Lefave and Samson Properties takes full effect.

To sell your Chantilly house for the maximum the market will bear, Steve and his team go beyond the ordinary to market your property:

  • Eye-catching photography of the property

  • Enthusiastic full description of the property

  • Open house during high-traffic periods

  • Property listings on online MRIS and Bright MLS sites and mobile apps

  • Property listings on Steve's website,

  • More proven marketing and advertising methods made possible by Samson Properties

The smart brokers' trick to sell a Chantilly house for top dollar is to market the absolute heck out of the property, hitting potential buyers in various different ways - online, in the field, in the real estate marketplace, et cetera - so they're certain to be aware of your sale and (hopefully) make you an offer you don't want to refuse.

Downsizing, Upgrading, or Buying a First Home in Chantilly?

Steve's the Local Realtor Who'll Find the House You Want

If you've ever shopped for a house before, you know it can be an arduous experience. Scouring the MLS services, researching the newest listings, spending a weekend driving from open house to open house, looking for just that right place in Chantilly that meets all your criteria.

Steve Lefave of Samson Properties is one of those realtors who absolutely loves that aspect of the business. Looking at homes, narrowing down listings, zeroing in on the best properties to bid on, and then making an offer to buy - that's why agents get into the industry . . . and why Steve is so good at what he does.

When you need a great buyer agent in Chantilly VA, you need a realtor with the enthusiasm, dedication, and relentless work ethic of Steve Lefave, Associate Broker with Samson Properties.

Expert Chantilly VA Real Estate Services at Reduced Rates

Steve Offers a Generous Commission Plan - For You

As a privately owned real estate brokerage firm, Samson Properties has the ability to offer some extremely attractive commission structures that benefit their bottom line at the settlement table.

That's why Samson Properties' Chantilly VA office is able to offer an extraordinarily commission rate of 4.5% total when listing their home with us. That's significantly below the standard rate - and that means you make more - maybe thousands of dollars more - when Steve sells your house in Chantilly!

As an ABR and Top NVAR Producer, Steve Knows His Stuff

A Brief Review of Steve's Real Estate Bona Fides

Steve Lefave has been a high-producing full-time Chantilly realtor since 2003, and he's been one of a select few Associate Brokers on the Samson Properties team since 2011.

But he brings a lot more qualifications than that. Steve has been a nationally certified Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) since 2007, and he's earned the status of Northern Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR) Top Producer & Multi-Million Dollar Producer.

In addition, Steve takes many hundreds of hours of additional training and continuing education in order to stay abreast of the latest market trends, industry affairs, and regulatory changes.

Integrity, Honesty, Fiduciary Responsibility and a Completely Supportive Atmosphere

A Brief Review of Steve's Values as a Samson Properties Realtor

When you're on the search for a top Chantilly real estate professional, you already know the qualities you want: Someone who's available to answer questions when you need answers; someone who can guide you and your family throughout the entire process; someone you can trust to have the knowledge, access, and responsiveness to understand your real estate goals and help you achieve them.

As an Associate Broker with Samson Properties in Chantilly VA, Steve Lefave is beholden to the high ethical standard of the real estate business. That means it's literally his job to be entirely forthcoming and honest about all information provided over the course of a professional relationship.

Steve believes in the same family-oriented company values to which Samson Properties espouses. That means every listing gets Steve's best work - because, again, that Chantilly house isn't just another listing, it's a dream come true in someone's life.

Whatever Your Situation, Steve Can Help

Whether You Need a Buyer's Agent or a Seller's Agent, Call Steve

It's a misnomer to think that all real estate deals are alike. In fact, no two listings are exactly the same, and certainly no two transactions have everything in common either.

In the real estate business, realtors need to handle a tremendous assortment of buyers and sellers, purchases and sales.

No matter what your particular situation is, Steve Lefave has been there and done that. He's vastly experienced in a myriad of different real estate matters, including:

  • military relocations

  • senior moves

  • buy/sell agreements

  • first-time home buyers

  • downsizers / upsizers / rightsizers

  • residential property management and rentals

In order to qualify to work for a premier real estate company like Samson Properties, Associate Broker Steve Lefave has to be highly proficient in the entire spectrum of transactions. Being in the business since 2003, experience isn't something you need to worry about with Steve.

Meet Steve Lefave, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)

His Drive To Serve Comes from 23 Years as a Guardsman

Steve works with a wide variety of clients, and a wide variety of clients enjoy working with Steve. But he derives a particular pleasure from assisting his fellow military servicemembers sell or buy their home.

Steve served in the United States Coast Guard as a guardsman for more than two decades. In the USCG, Steve learned the true meaning of hard work, self-sacrifice, team support, taking account of your actions, and always doing what's expected - or, if you know what's good for you, more than what's expected.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Steve Lefave of Samson Properties in Chantilly, Virginia, kept some very good company with some of America's finest and bravest from his long time in our Coast Guard. Semper paratus!

When you're looking to buy or sell a house in Chantilly, the let Steve put his military-rigid focus, years of first-hand knowledge, and ability to problem-solve to work for you.

Rely on Steve To Use Modern High-Tech Methods

Technology Is an Indispensable Tool in the Real Estate Business

One surefire sign that your realtor excels at the tech part of their job? If they've earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems. That's a sign.

Steve Lefave owns a B.S. in MIS, in fact, and he uses that technical knowledge to leverage the latest technological advances to his clients' benefit. The magic of technology is that it permits virtually instantaneous communication with very few restrictions and full access to real-time information, so using it adeptly could mean the difference between buying the Chantilly home you want, or not - or making the perfect sale of your Chantilly house, or not.

Contact Steve Lefave, Real Estate Agent with Samson Properties

Work with One of the Most Accomplished, Experienced Real Estate Professionals in Chantilly

If you're considering the purchase or sale of a house in Chantilly VA, you should strongly consider hiring Steve Lefave, Associate Broker with Samson Properties.

Realtors aren't hard to find in Northern Virginia, but the really good agents stand out. Buyers, sellers, and fellow realtors love working with Steve because he's easy to get along with, eminently professional, and exceedingly knowledgeable about the Fairfax County and Loudoun County real estate market and the homebuying/homeselling process.

Let Steve do his job for your family, too. Contact him today for a friendly conversation about your real estate goals, whether you're a buyer or a seller of a house here in Chantilly.

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Steve makes it his job to make it easy for you to buy or sell a home in Chantilly, Virginia. For purchases or sales, contact him today to put the power of Samson Properties and Associate Broker Steve Lefave on your home team.