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House for Sale Fairfax VA

Three Reasons Why You Should Buy a House for Sale Fairfax VA

Most people who are being transferred to the DC area are often confused about where to begin their search for a house for sale Fairfax VA. Some think that DC is too urban for their needs, and so they usually narrow down their options to surrounding suburban counties such as those in Virginia and Maryland. To help you with your search, you can focus on three factors: crime rate, taxes, and public schools.

Low Crime Rate

Fairfax County has more than 1 million residents who are enjoying one of the lowest crime rates of any county in the US. Based on a report from the Fairfax County Police, the 2008 crime rate index in the county was very low at 0.0954%. So buying real estate in Fairfax will give you peace of mind.

Topnotch Public Schools

According to a report from Newsweek, Fairfax, VA has an excellent public school system. The 2009 survey ranked 10 out of 25 schools as part of the top 10% high schools in the US. Moreover, the report also shows that the median rank for all public high schools in Fairfax is 12%. To put this simply, most public high schools in Fairfax are excellent. This is perfect if you are moving to VA with your kids.

So, Fairfax has low crime rate, the county schools are good. How about the income tax?

Pay Lower State Income Tax in Fairfax VA

The income tax rate in VA is a bit lower compared to other states in the DC region. It is a fact that other states in DC have a lower base rate. However, if the counties add their own taxes, you may need to pay higher taxes. At only 5.75%, VA residents enjoy the lowest income tax rate in DC area.

A House for Sale Fairfax VA can be Expensive, Right?

It is true that a house for sale Fairfax VA could be expensive, but the comparably high cost of living in Fairfax can be offset by the fact that it has the lowest unemployment rates in the US as well as the highest median income household. In addition, Fairfax has the largest manpower source in DC area and has the highest number of jobs available. This is on top of other perks when you live in Fairfax such as efficient transport network, well-maintained recreational parks, and remarkable cultural sensitivities.

Your Search for the Right County to Live Could be Fairfax, VA

When you decide to live in the Washington DC suburbs, you must look into the quality of public schools, and narrow down your choices to two counties – Fairfax and Maryland. Both enjoy low crime rates, and the costs of real estate are comparatively the same.

But if you check the income tax rates of the two counties, you will realize that living in Fairfax, VA will allow you to save more on state taxes. The choice is clear: Fairfax, VA is the ideal choice for you and your family.

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