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Homes for Sale Fairfax


Hassle-free Guide for Buying Homes for Sale Fairfax

No one would blame you for wanting to buy one of those homes for sale Fairfax; it is a lovely town after all. Not only is it near the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., the town also provides some of the best public services in the country. The schools in Fairfax County are top-notch, the public transportation is fast and efficient, and there are plenty of parks, libraries, and other recreational centers. The residential areas are also quite beautiful, most of which have stunning mountain views, which is probably the reason why you got interested in living here in the first place.

However, buy homes for sale Fairfax is not as straightforward as many people believe. You will be putting a lot of your hard-earned money into this purchase, so you need to make sure that everything about the transaction goes as smoothly as it should.

Get Pre-Approval from Your Bank

Unless you are willing to pay straight cash for the property, you really should get pre-approval for a housing loan before you go house hunting. This way, if you find a house that you really like you can pull the trigger on the deal immediately. Most people would first look for houses to buy before clearing things off with their banks. Usually, by the time they sort things out and got a suitable loan, they find that they waited too long and someone else already bought the house they fell in love with. Spare yourself from this kind of heartbreak; get pre-approval before looking at houses.

Stick to Your Budget

No matter how beautiful the house is, or how much your kids love the place, you should never even look at houses you cannot afford. Even if you did manage to get pre-approval from your bank, that does not mean you have to max out the entire loan amount. You need to remember that you still have to repay the money you borrowed, so you need to be a bit more frugal. Even if your bank provides you with a reasonable payment plan, if you did the math and you simply cannot afford the house with your current income then just walk away and look for another.

Never Agree to the First Offer

Some people are uncomfortable when it comes to haggling, but it is actually necessary when you are house hunting. Do not fall for the “take it or leave it” line that some sellers throw out, there is always room for negotiations, and you have to make the most use of it. Just make sure that your counter offer is not so near the original asking price that the seller would immediately agree on it, but also not so low that it seems insulting.

If you want to put your mind at ease, you could always consult with the property experts at Steve Lefave Real Estate. They have been buying and selling property in Fairfax County and the surrounding areas for years, and if they could not make buying homes for sale Fairfax easier for you then nobody can.