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5 Things to Consider in Listing Your Fairfax VA House for Sale

If you have been monitoring the real estate market, you will surely be aware of the news about the rise in real estate prices, especially for Fairfax VA House for sale. The housing market has started to bounce back and even in DC suburbs like Maryland and Fairfax, the housing market is even booming. So if you are thinking to put your property on a Fairfax listing, consider the following factors:

1.   Equity Bump

During the housing bubble, many homeowners saw their equity burst as the prices of properties plummeted. Some even had larger debt compared to the worth of their homes. Homeowners in Fairfax were not interested to list their properties because they know that the low property prices would only eat all their equity away. If you have been deferring the sale of your home for this reason, there’s a high chance that you now have a bit of better home equity because of the recent market upswings. This could be the ideal time to make that long-awaited sale and hopefully walk away with some equity intact.

2.   You Need a Larger Home

Probably you have greatly outgrown your present home. The house that you are currently living in could be way too small after having three kids, or after your elderly parent has moved in with you. If your home is too small for your needs, then it is time to sell it and find a larger abode. We have better prices today for Fairfax VA house for sale, and you can also take advantage of the present interest rates before they begin to climb.

3.   You Need a Smaller Home

In the contrary, you may need a smaller home. Probably your oldest child has moved out to go to college, and you have realized that you don’t need that spare room. Selling your home and downsizing has numerous benefits. It will provide you with lower maintenance cost, and you need less effort to clean up.

4.   Interest Rates Could Go Up

Take note that interest rates don’t have anywhere to go but up. Hence, if you are wondering when it is the perfect time to get a nice mortgage for your new home, that is today. The rates today are at an all time low, and they are more likely to go up in the future. Sell your home now, buy a new home, and take advantage of the lower interest rates.

5.   List Your Fairfax VA House for Sale If Necessary

When it comes to selling, the bottom line is you should list your Fairfax house whenever necessary. If there’s a real need to sell your present home for a particular reason such as divorce, job changes, health concerns, or marriage, it is ideal not to try and chase the market in any direction. Once you sell and then buy another property, then there’s good news for you. If you are selling low, then you will also buy low. But if you sell high, you will also buy high. This could be a wash. Refer to the terms of the present market, and sell your home for its present fair market value. And if you move on, make certain that you purchase a home that you can really afford, not only today but in the years to come.

If you need help in listing your Fairfax VA house for sale, call Steve Lefave, Associate Broker, at 703-896-5849 (phone) or 703-599-1239 (mobile).