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Thinking Fairfax, Virginia? Buy or Sell a Home in Fairfax with Steve!

No two real estate agents are alike - and no one real estate agent is quite like Steve Lefave of Samson Properties in Fairfax County VA.

Steve has been a realtor since 2003, and in all that time he's developed an impressive knack for being able to identify prospective properties consumers will really like. You see, Steve is a genuine people person (you kinda have to be if you're gonna foster real estate business for years on end). As such, he truly enjoys helping people find that Fairfax home that's right for them.

The Agent With the Better Translation of What You Really Need

Great Communication Puts Steve Atop the List of Fairfax Real Estate Professionals

Everyone has ideas about what they want. The secret is communicating those ideas in a way that your agent thoroughly understands what you want.

As an experienced Fairfax real estate agent, Steve is highly perceptive about his clients' needs and desires, and he'll show you listings every day that match what you're looking for, wherever in Fairfax County you're looking.

But Steve's not clairvoyant. What he is, is skillful at eliciting from his clients all the qualities they find desirable in a home or investment property - acreage, square footage, number of bedrooms, amenities, location, et cetera - and leveraging his local expertise around Fairfax County to find a home for sale that meets or exceeds all those qualifications.

Sure, like most real estate agents Steve spends plenty of his working hours combing through the latest MLS data and doing a search to find just the right property for his client. But he also invests a great deal of time in conversation with consumers, getting to know them, their families, their plans for the future - and getting to know what really matters most in their new Fairfax home.

Steve's Ideal Real Estate Client Is Someone Like You

Buying a Home? Putting a House on the Market? Buyers and Sellers Rely on Steve

Whether you've got a Fairfax VA home you're thinking of putting up for sale, or you're in the market for a new-to-you Fairfax home, the premier choice in Fairfax realty brokers is Steve Lefave of Samson Properties.

As a real estate agent, helping a client through the sale of a house involves a slightly different skill-set than assisting consumers in the purchase of a dwelling. For example, putting a home up for sale on the market means coming up with a custom-designed marketing plan - utilizing detailed data, highlighting distinguishing characteristics, and employing strategic website placement - to maximize interest in the listing. Meanwhile, part of being a quality buyer's agent is to parse through those same listings and find the houses most likely to match the client's criteria.

Steve is good at both.

Steve is an accomplished seller's agent and a committed buyer's agent. Sellers benefit from his quick-sale marketing plans and his up-tempo, energetic sales style. Buyers take advantage of Steve's exhaustive research and individualized understanding of what the client is going for.

That makes Steve Lefave, associate broker and top-performing real estate agent with Samson Properties in Fairfax, Virginia, a legitimate double threat among real estate agents, with high-performing services on both the selling and purchasing side.

Buy AND sell your Fairfax VA home with Steve.

First-Time Home Buyers? Some of Our Favorites!

When You're Done With Renting, Give Steve a Call (703-599-1239)

The thing about rent money is it's a terrible investment. You pay hundreds or thousands of dollars every month, and all you get is a roof over your head . . . for that month. There's no equity, no return, no investment value, no pride of ownership.

Owning your own house is an incredible way to start building a portfolio of wealth - not to mention provide a sense of personal security to each and every member of your family. The data relating to home ownership is pretty clear: People who own the house they live in tend to feel more connected with their community and more committed to their neighborhood.

Never purchased a house before? Let's see if you can! Make an inquiry with Steve Lefave of Samson Properties in Fairfax VA; he's got the best resources available to determine your readiness for homeownership. Contact Steve and his team today at 703-599-1239 or point your browser to and see all the amazing advantages and incentives granted to first-time home buyers!

Steve Ranks Tops Among Fairfax Real Estate Agents

Covering Fairfax County from Falls Church to Centreville to Fairfax City

And from Reston to Springfield. And Vienna and Oakton and Tysons Corner and Hybla Valley and Fairfax City (of course) and every neighborhood, community, and piece of residential non-commercial real estate in between. If there are rentals or homes for sale in Fairfax County, Steve knows about them.

Steve just knows Fairfax County VA. Fairfax is literally his office. Good thing, too, because in case you haven't noticed, Fairfax has interested a whole lot of residential and commercial newcomers lately - families and companies moving here from DC or Maryland or elsewhere in Northern VA. In fact, the population of Fairfax County is already the highest in Virginia, and trends in the census indicate it's only going to get higher. (Lots of potential new friends for the kiddos!)

From McLean to Lorton and Great Falls to Clifton. That's a lot of real estate to cover. But that's what Steve does, every day. That's why he's your Fairfax real estate agent - in fact, that's why Steve is the first name in Fairfax real estate!

Buying or Selling Property, the Process Starts With Steve

Get the Services of Steve Lefave Working for Your Goals

You wouldn't search for buried treasure without a map, would you? Of course not. Nor should you try to search for a new house - or search for a buyer to get your current house sold - without something (or someone) to guide you.

Your guide to accomplishing your real estate goals is Steve Lefave of Samson Properties in Fairfax VA.

Fairfax realty is tricky. It's complex. Due to the sheer volume of population in the unofficial capital of Northern VA, the Fairfax market is among the most competitive for real estate in the Mid-Atlantic region, let alone the Greater Washington, D.C., area (which we locals affectionately call "the DMV").

So put yourself in the best position to succeed. Contact one of the top realtors in NoVA, Steve Lefave, at 703-599-1239 and take advantage of his cutting-edge resources, relationships with competitive lenders, real-time website-based market data, and industry-leading local expertise here in Fairfax VA.

Achieve With Steve. Work with Steve Lefave, Your Top-Performing Fairfax Realtor

Buying or Selling, It Pays To Team Up With Steve

Like we said, no two real estate agents are precisely the same. There are many good, qualified, competent real estate professionals, but let's face it - you (living in Fairfax VA) sort of don't want merely good enough. You want to work with Steve.

Steve is one of those go-get-'em realtors. Whether he's staging a house to go up for sale on the open market, or he's meeting prospective clients for the first time, or he's in the process of fulfilling accommodation requests, or he's adding listings data about condos and other rentals to his website - Steve is all about putting each family into the best house they can possibly get in Fairfax County VA.

Request your appointment date today. Call Steve at 703-599-1239, send him a tweet @AgentLefave, or connect with him on Facebook or LinkedIn. Please ask Steve any inquiry about the local real estate market, get insight into what to look for in mortgage lenders, and provide feedback on Steve's services.

Work with Steve Lefave of Samson Properties, one of the top real estate professionals in Northern Virginia since 2003. See why Steve is the first name in Fairfax real estate.